Pigeon control on skate parkWe do seem to get involved in all sorts of issues but this one was a bit unusual. A purpose built skate park in London was experiencing severe problems with pigeons roosting above it in the roof space, creating lots of issues with faeces being deposited on the skating surfaces.

Pigeon poo is not only unsightly, it also contains many pathogens that pose a serious health problem to humans – not the sort of thing you want where you have kids really. Despite all the efforts of the organisers and tons of attempts to clean the smell up, a more permanent solution was required.

London has a major problem with pigeons – it is estimated that at any point in time over 18 million pigeons are active in London and once they find a suitable roosting spot, you have them for ever – until you call Rapid Environmental Services in to deal with the problem of course!

The first job is to observe movements of the pigeons, establishing routes used to gain entry, favourite spots to roost and nest, then work out a strategy to discourage them and prevent them returning. There are a plethora of solutions on the market, but the most effective solution by far is exclusion with netting or weld mesh. This provides a permanent solution and makes it impossible for pigeons to gain access to roost spots.

Nifty 120T a great work horse

This solution utilised an existing structure to provide anchors for both weld mesh and conventional netting. We also used bird spikes to discourage roosting on conduits, ducts and light fittings. To gain access, we used our faithful Nifty 120T towable cherry picker which we drove straight onto the site. It is light, flexible in operation and gets us to places we would just not reach with towers or even worse ladders – working on ladders is probably the last resort, even at low level heights due to the danger they pose.┬áThis little machine is just brilliant and makes life easy and safe. With a 12 metre reach and 6 metre outreach, it copes with an amazing array of situations.

Bird netting and bird spikes installed to prevent pigeons

Anyway, we provided a solution to make all the kids happy and the pigeons very miserable – they have been forced to move elsewhere now and the skate park is now clean and decontaminated – Rapid Environmental Services, keeping your environment safe and disease free.

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