Spider Control

OK, so we all get our share of unusual jobs, but Rapid Pest Control seems to specialise in the most odd pest control situations.

This week has been no exception. From very persistent squirrels in the attic, to bird control in a modern sculpture we get them all. This one however has topped the list so far.

We had a call a few weeks ago that started with a plea for help.

This client had trawled through the directories looking for a local pest controller who could help – I am glad to say none could, or rather could be bothered, with tackling a most unusual request. This lovely lady was getting pretty desperate and by the time she got hold of Rapid Pest Control, she was loosing the will to live. The conversation went along the lines:

“You probably can’t help me but I have spiders everywhere….”, to which I obviously replied,  “Of course we can, please tell me more…” So the lady went on to describe the problem in detail.

Basically, they have been travelling around Europe in a boat for the last few years, and now have returned to the UK. The boat is massive, 85ft long and a good 15ft wide if not more. Spiders have made it their home and have obviously bred like no tomorrow. The client said literally they had spiders all over them in the evenings, in bed, in the galley, in the loo – everywhere – making it impossible to live on anymore.

So off we went to Cookham to deal with the problem.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the species in question, which Steve duly did (Steve is Rapid Pest Controls technical expert), then we set about working out our treatment strategy. The culprit was identified as Larinioides sclopetarius – more commonly known as the Bridge Spider as it likes metal objects like bridges and of course metal boats.

Boats are funny things, they have as much under the floor as they do on top, and they are crammed with little nooks which make ideal habitat. They are also extremely warm, making ideal breeding conditions. After we worked out our plan of attack, Steve volunteered to do the outside, so I would do the inside. That kind of made sense as I am more suited to crawling about under floors etc and I dont mind tight enclosed spaces. The real reason for this did not come clear until a little later….it turns out Steve has mild arachnophobia!

Of all people, I would never suspect this of Steve. He keeps poisonous snakes, scorpions and god only knows what else! So the thought of crawling about on a boat with a bunch of spiders was his idea of hell!

Needless to say, the job was completed without incident, however I was expecting Steve to jump over-board at any moment – especially when the spiders were literally dropping from the boat as we sprayed.

So our clients can now have their beautiful home back, less their unwanted guests and can sail off happily once more. What a great life – I am so jealous!

If you have an unusual insect problem, problems with spiders either on or off a boat, then call Rapid Pest Control now for expert pest control services in Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire – call Newbury 01635 247192 or Abingdon 01235 280035.

Here are a few shots from the day: