Squirrel Problem Oxford

I know what you are thinking – what kind of problem can a squirrel cause? This can only be answered if you are unfortunate enough to get a squirrel in your loft!

Whilst they have this perception of being a cute little creature which loves to run around and play, believe me, once they set their minds to getting in somewhere, virtually nothing stops them.

Once inside your loft, then the real trouble starts! Squirrels are manually dexterous and have developed many skills with their front paws, especially pulling things apart. Firstly, they will pull off lead flashing, tiles, gutters, bird protection systems and just about anything else to get inside. Once inside, they will open every box, package and bag – if they cannot open it (they use the zips on cases etc as well!) they will chew into it – just because they can.

Having a squirrel in the loft sounds like a wild party – they leap about all over the place – and if there are two or more, it will sound like a rave.

When we get a call about noises in the loft, compared to rats and mice, it is easy to identify the problem. Then when you go up into it, it is very easy to see the issues as well – a trashed loft space.

Our Ops Director, Steve Light, is a master at catching squirrels. Over the last few weeks, Steve has caught 6 out of 6 Squirrels the day after setting the traps – an impressive record. One job he did had been trying to catch his squirrel for nearly 6 months, Steve did it next day…

He does keep his tricks very close to his chest – we have a friendly rivalry as to how can catch what and I have to say Steve is the Master on Squirrels, where as I am the Master of Rabbits – a combination that works so well.

Most of the squirrel problems we are getting at the moment tend to be in Oxford. Not sure why the problems are so bad there, but thats just the way it goes.

Anyway, Steve captured his latest feat on video, mostly to rub my nose in it I think, but never the less, I bow to the Master of squirrel capture on this occasion!

If you think you are having problems with squirrels in Oxford, or anywhere else for that matter, contact one of your local offices at Oxford, Newbury, Basingstoke, Swindon or Reading, or go to our website and contact us now.