This was a comment made by a client recently. Let me tell you the story of the squirrel problem and you make up your own mind if squirrels need to be culled.

We recently had a call out to a client in Eyensham who had been going crazy over a squirrel who decided that it wanted to get into his loft – whatever challenge or obstacle. This client called the local council first, which is understandable, who sent out a guy to set a few traps. Squirrels are highly intelligent and to catch one you have to think outside the box. Unfortunately, our man at the council did not and so after several months of frustration, gave up – I do feel sorry for him, but as I always say, stick to what you know and get the experts in!

Anyway, Our Ops Director, Steve, who is working out of Rapid Pest Control’s Oxford office is a bit of an expert when it comes to just the man for the job! Steve collected his trusted squirrel traps, his favourite bait and popped over to Eyensham to deal with the squirrel problem out there in Oxfordshire. Now Steve keeps his tricks and secrets to himself, but this time I had a sneak preview into his technique…now I know it too!

Anyway, sure enough, the phone goes and its the client, delighted that at last the squirrel was in one of the traps – in just one evening!! As I was in the area that morning, I just wanted to pop over and see the site and the damage I had been told about, so met Steve and went to site to dispatch the squirrel and take a few pictures for our records.

I simply could not believe the damage caused. This squirrel had literally wrecked the barge boards, grille, sofits and gutters in an attempt to gain access. The client told me that it also managed to get in the loft at one point as well – creating havoc.

So now you make up your mind…do squirrels need controlling?

Tomorrow, we have another squirrel problem in a large house in Thatcham – this lady concerned is the one who asked the original question. Now she has seen these pictures, her answer was obviously yes!

Have you got a squirrel problem or are squirrels trying to gain access to your property – if so call Rapid Pest Control now on Newbury 01635 247 192 or Abingdon 01235 280035 for Oxford Squirrel problems.