Picture: The Evils of drink… a heavy session in South Africa – its not me either!

As some of you will know, I am shortly to marry my long term partner Karen – “There’s still time love” as a few friends keep saying to her!

I wasn’t keen on really having a Stag Party, especially when you know the sort of people I do.

Despite my protests, it’s happening this weekend. My mate Neale James of Breathe Pictures and Radio 107 on Sunday Mornings, and Adam Hillier of Verbatim Calls Centres are arranging this between them.

This task historically falls to the Best Man however my Best Man is my very good friend and hunting companion Coen Vermaak of South Africa, where we are actually getting married. I am sure when we all arrive in SA, Coen will have arranged a “Lekker Jawl” for me, the night before the ceremony!!

Anyway, I am not really looking forward to my Stag Do. I have premonitions of what will occur, and who will “Do me Ugly” as the saying goes. Ivan the rat man, an extreme party animal, and I have a nasty habit of getting totally bladdered and becoming a comedy double act, most to the disgust and annoyance of anybody in earshot.

Neale on the other hand is a bit of a girl and after 2 glasses of Babycham and a Bailey’s wants to go home, after headbutting the nearest bird-bath!

Adam is Mr Gadget and when I want the most bizarre tool of any description, Adam has one, or even two. Again, Adam and I have had quite a few good sessions in the past, one recently where we watched the rugby at his house, drank the place dry of cider and had loads of a South African shot called Springbokies, after which he promptly passed out and missed the evening he had planned with his ever suffering wife Emma.

Also in the group is Ashley, Brad, Richard and Jamie of Pervasive Networks, all very bad news – remember Amsterdam boys?, Richard Pennington of Calixus – our fall guy for the night, my brother Malcolm, my future brother in law Bill who is a policeman and mad Scot, and my Dad – yes My Dad!

Neale has already commented on me bringing Dad on his blog, but my Dad is a major party animal too, but probably wont make the evening event (he needs his Horlicks and an early night as does my brother!)

Anyway, I apologise now to Newbury Rugby Club, the Indigo Bay and the Nags Head and any other pub we get thrown out of in advance, as well as any taxi driver daft enough to take us home afterwards…I am sure there will be some pictures next week!