I have been tackling a persistent mole problem for a customer for some time now. The main issue is that the property is right on the edge of a very large overgrown field and when the house was built, it looks like all the top soil was piled up from the development on this field, right next door, hence it is a haven for moles and earthworms.

We have a major blitz and clear the area for several months, then they come back with a vengance. It like they save up all their efforts for one major assult – an do their worst.

The garden is pretty small in comparison to many properties I deal with, but the number of mole hils per square foot is amazing – I easily get several wheelbarrows of spoil off when they start.

Anyway, with the snow and everything making moles work even harder, last week I embarked on a major trapping campaign – I did this last year with great success as well, but conditions have to be just right to be effective.

Normally gassing is highly effective and it has been in the property to some degree, however with such large runs leaving the property, you can only gas what is trapped within the burrow – the smash and grab tactics being used by these guys make trapping ideal.

Trapping is an art that can’t be hurried or done half heartedly. You really need to work out what is happening then strategically set traps for most effect. Again, the type of trap used varies by condition. This can be soil type, depth of run, position of run and so on – it takes a lot of experience to get it right.

I tend to use 2 types of traps, a Talpex trap which is for shallow to medium depth runs – highly effective and very few false trips due to the long design of the jaws and a scissor trap for deep runs. If have some that my grandad used to use and these are so much better than the new ones. Both types are pretty much instant and humane.

Mole Problems

Mole Catching

I am pleased to say that on my first inspection, I had got it right, killing 3 moles on day 1 – a pretty good result. Having reset the traps, I will check these now every 24 hours over the coming week until no more activity has been seen.

If you have a persistant mole problem that needs sorting – contact me so I can advise you and deal with it for you.

The one good thing about trapping as opposed to gassing is that you can physically see the little devils dead – some customers actually want to see the bodies – so a bit horrific, but here is a couple of pictures….