Without doubt, if you speak to any surfer, Taghazout is the place to surf in Morocco.

No trip to the South of Morocco is complete without a quick visit to Taghazout, but be warned it is a small village still and has kind of sprung up out of just one thing – the surf.

As you drive into the village along the coast road from Agadir, the N1, if you blink, you will miss is. Basically, the main street is bordered either side by shops and restaurants and of course low cost accommodation., ideal for the back packer or surfer.

Lots of small streets leading down to the beach

As you dig a bit deeper, the village is still quite traditional, with small streets off the main road leading down to the beach. This is still very much a working fishing village and you can buy fresh fish straight off the boats. The beach itself is a natural scallop, with rocks on either side with a beautiful sandy beach in the middle, which is the main attraction.

Taghazout beach is still a working fishing village

There are lots of surfing shops where you can hire boards and book lessons for surfing and buy the normal stuff. The people are pretty friendly and will chat away with you if you stop and engage them. A few years ago, the World Surfing Championships were held here, so that shows you the quality of the surfing in this area.

Surfing shop in Taghazout

We are told the night life can get a bit hectic as you would expect with the place full of young surfers looking to have fun and enjoy themselves, however we did not sample this ourselves first hand – I think we are too old for that!

So if you are looking for a surfing holiday, Taghazout would be a place to head. As it is in easy driving distance of Aourir, a group could easily book into Villa Ramalah and do a “Surfari” travelling all up the coast between Agadir and Taghazout – this would almost certainly work out cheaper per person and I would imagine the accommodation would be significantly better.

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