This weekend saw the premier of the Taghazout Surf Expo held at Anchor Point, the most famous surf spot in Morocco.

Running from the 27th to the 30th of October, the Expo brought together art, surf, skating, yoga, music, and culture, highlighting the diversity of this area and the incredible talent of the region.

This Expo incorporated a series of seminars to help businesses in the area benefit from all the amazing resources surrounding the area, whilst working together to develop and sustain the area tastefully and in line with ecological goals to preserve this unique destination.

Morning yoga sessions on the beach generally started the day, followed by active discussions, demonstrations, and lots of trade stands for both local businesses and internationally known names.

The highlights were the sunset sets by DJs and live music to round the day off.

A few of my favorite local businesses were there, Acted Upcycling which does the most incredible art from recycled materials, Taghazout Skate Park with a small ramp for people to show off their skills, Fahd Surfboards who is a local Shaper, producing amazing custom-made surfboards (I have to keep away from this stand as it would cost me dearly … another new board!) and Pray for Waves, (run by one of our neighbors Maxime) who produce surf ponchos and jewellery from recycled materials.

I never made the evenings, but friends told me the bands were ready great and lots of fun, especially with the amazing backdrop of Anchor Point at sunset. Loads of videos are on FB and Insta so check them out.

We are looking forward to next year already, I will clear the schedule to make sure we can spend more time here for sure.