It’s been a while since I last posted, things here just move on at a pace and we are loving the life.

My plan is to post more often, at least twice a month moving forward – I feel I have lost a lot of events and history worthy of note to our followers, so time to get back on the horse!

Some really big news has prompted me to get started again – it’s all to do with reducing the time it takes getting in and out of Morocco – the Police Form you used to have to fill in on entry and leaving the country is no more….a really good thing as it it time consuming for the Immigration Officer and the visitor alike, with little or no benefit to either.

From Monday 16th September, it is no longer required.

Early reports for visitors coming in say the process has speeded up, but I am travelling next week so I can confirm this, both going out and coming back – I look forward to letting you know!

So other news, summer season is over (thankfully!). This has been the worst we have seen here to date – delays on the road, multiple accidents, tons of people everywhere 24 hours a day – it’s proper crazy!!

It seems when people go away on holiday, all normal rules go out the window and they are rude and discourteous to the locals (us included!) and just do things I am sure they do not do at there homes – like throwing rubbish everywhere, espcially on the beach, for others to clear up.

The worst one for us was a guy that stood at our gate making the dogs go crazy, whilst filming them!! He actually thought this was OK, but I soon put him right!