One thing you must do when in Aourir or Agadir is visit the village market. Each week, traders appear in the make shift market place near the beach and set up stall selling everything you can imagine.

From fresh fruit and veg to clothes, pots and pans, food, honey, bric a brac …everything. The market in Aourir starts about 7am in the morning and continues all day, with locals travelling in from all over to buy produce for the week.

You can really nail a bargain or two, the language barrier, whilst difficult to overcome, should not stop you having a go at haggling for your purchase. We speak reasonable French, and some Arabic, but the locals speak Berber mostly – so much hand waving and gesturing goes down well and they always enjoy dealing with you as you are trying!

The market is a mere stones throw away from Villa Ramalah, so we urge all guests to go and experience the market and buy your produce here rather than at the supermarket – its tons cheaper and better quality anyhow.

Tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes, onions and peppers are so cheap – you will pay about 30 pence a kilo. Also, buy your spices here too – Ras el Hanout (a blend of all types of spices ideal for tagines) is 1/3 the price you will find in the souk in Agadir and cumin and turmeric also very cheap too.

It is a bit daunting as the hustle and bustle of this market is unbelievable – as well as the noise – but that’s all a part of it really and a true experience. One interesting incident that happened to me was that I haggled a price for some spices, paid the money over and had a good friendly exchange with the trader, paid him the money and walked off. A few minutes later, he came running down the market shouting at me…I really thought I was in trouble then … only to give me some change and a gift! Amazing – that would not happen in London or Birmingham!

Anyway, its a “must try” experience and one you will enjoy!

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