As readers will know, I am passionate about working my Labradors. I am working 2 shoots all the time and helping out a few others when they need me – so consequently I am pretty busy at weekends etc.

Working dogs tend to get very tired after a few weeks of constant work and are also prone to injury. Luckily so far this season I have not had any injury (and fingers crossed I wont).

I have a 10 year old black lab, a 5 year old white lab (the black ones daughter) who both are incredible. My intention was to breed from Holly (the white one) but Alas she will not stand and so the clock has pretty much run out. This leaves me with a real problem.

Amy, the older dog, is just about knackeredat he end of a full day’s work and the afternoons are a struggle for her (she was without doubt one of the best dogs I have ever seen). Holly is really at the top of her peak now and works superbly, but without a puppy to follow on I am in the mire as I have nothing coming on in the future…….until today that is!

I was fortunate enough to hear of a dog going to a working home – a 6 month old yellow lab. So I picked up my gamekeeper mate and dog mentor and zoomed off to High Wycombe to view this dog.

I was surprised at it. She really is a good looker and very bright – no training has been done but her blood line is superb and she has a sparkle about her. Needless to say, she soon was in the back of the car heading for Newbury before the guy changed his mind!

I had forgotten how much of a handful a 6 month old pup is, but with the other two to train her this should be easier than normal to sort.

Its first night, the howling hasn’t started yet but she has already proven to be a bit naughty with biting tassels off the cushions and ripped up a few quotes I had stacked on the floor for posting off…..

Note to self – take Valium now to get through the next week or so!

Karen (the ever forgiving wife) has taken to Casey already, or is it the other way round?…. this dog is no fool!