With the really sunny weather, all the insects are starting to emerge from hibernation looking for suitable nesting sites.

Over the weekend, whilst trying to get the garden under some sort of order,  I noticed quite a few Bumble Bees looking for holes to make into nests – which is really good news for the garden and of course the good old Bumble Bee.

Over the years, Bumble bee numbers have declined radically, with some sub species now extinct in main land UK. There are many reasons for this but loss of habitat, the use of chemical insecticides and climate change have a lot to answer for.

Bumble bees look terrifying as they buzz and are just big, however they are almost harmless and totally non aggressive – they only defend as a last resort.

Kids are pretty freaked out by them so most calls we get are worried parents wanting to remove the nests – as pest control experts, we advise to just leave them alone as they will not harm you. Also, I would take it as a privileged to have a Bumble Bee nesting in the garden!

The life cycle is pretty similar to wasps, the large Queen emerges in Spring from hibernation and decides on a suitable nest site, mostly in rodent burrows, then lays the first eggs which will form the base of the colony. Once these hatch, they tend the queen and grow the colony until such times that new juvenile queens can emerge to hibernate in the autumn, then the nest dies along with all the remaining bees.

If you think you have a bees nest, contact us for advice on how to live with bees in safety and enjoy them.

There is also a really nice site you can go to to find out more – the Bumblebee conservation trust – this site has loads of facts and info which you will find useful.

So if you see a big Bumble bee buzzing around the garden, just watch them and enjoy! If you have one trapped in the window, please don’t swat them – just let them out to go and find a new home. The kids were highly amused by me crawling about on hands and knees trying to get the photo above – she was a bit shy and didn’t want to be filmed, but I got a picture in the end!