I have had a string of enquiries over the last few weeks – the New Year has heralded a time for change no doubt and also people actually seeing their gardens in daylight over the xmas period has also had a lot to do with this I am sure!

As I have said before, I use a few carefully monitored sources for new business;

  • My Google Campaign (quiet costly and a lot of “interested only” people, basically tyre kickers),
  • My “Best Of” advert and sponsorship of their newsletter (very cheap for what you get and all excellent opportunities ie people who want to do work),
  • My networking group BNI Kennet Chapter (weekly group meeting combined with a minging breakfast, but some great business opportunities and advice comes from here),
  • My website www.garden4you.co.uk (this is the dogs danglies and is such an asset, supplied at a very low cost by Webbuildpro which I am constantly updating)
  • And last but not least, my PR Guru Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR.

I monitor all enquiries to see where they came from and decide on what marketing is or not working and change accordingly. My criteria is simple, if I cover the cost of each method plus a small margin to cover the hassle and time, then its worth it. If I can get it for free (like PR on occassions) then any return in any form pays dividends on the bottom line.

For instance, I had a call out of the blue this week originating from a press article that Nigel Morgan did for me in the NWN Business Section a few weeks ago. This is a massive quote, and I am the favourite to win at this point (fingers crossed on this one). Looks like another meal out with the Morgans is on the cards!

What this goes to show is that you need to have multiple channels to market yourself, monitor the spend and return and do more of what works and less of what doesnt – common sense really but I still come across other businessmen who have a strange approach saying things like ” I have always had an advert in the paper and am not interested in the internet”.

All I can say is I am glad, cos this means there are more opportunities for me!