Whilst out on my daily rabbit control round this morning, I saw a Roe Deer very briefly. This doe was heavily pregnant and on her own, indicating that she will soon be giving birth to probably twins – very common in Roe Deer.


Rapid Pest Control manage the deer population on this land and making sure that a healthy population is maintained, free of disease and with enough food to sustain a health population is vital to her and her fawns. As you can see, she is in top condition, part way through the moult awaiting her summer coat.

When I see sights like this, it really makes the job and effort so worth while. I will be following her with interest and look forward to seeing the new fawns in the very near future.

For more information of the facinating breeding cycle of the Roe Deer visit this link: http://www.bds.org.uk/roe.html. If you would like to know more about Rapid Pest Control’s Deer Management programs, then contact us any time.