It seems that where ever you go in the World, there are just a few things you cannot escape from.

The same applies to Agadir in Morocco. This fantastic city is filled with Moroccan and North African culture, amazing sights including snake charmers, spices, the Souks – basically everything you would image to be in a lively and exciting country.

Then you drive along the main coastal road in Agadir and come across a drive through MacDonalds and an English Pub!

And guess what, the only people you see in either one are tourists!

With all the other delights on offer in Agadir, beach front restaurants offering everything from fabulous seafood to colourful and tasty tagines and local beers and wines (which are excellent and must be tried), why would anybody go for a MacDonalds (the local offering is the Arabic Burger!) or even worse to an English Pub serving all day breakfasts!

No accounting for tastes, but if that’s your kind of thing then you are really missing out on Morocco!

For a real taste of what Morocco has to offer, why not Contact Us Now and have a stay in the traditional fishing village of Aourir, 10km North of Agadir.