My camera is always ready to go – battery charged, lenses cleaned, and ready for action.

There is always something going on or a great opportunity for shooting some wildlife that generally sit nicely for you, so in our house, the camera is always close by, just in case of that moment.

Today, we had a Kestrel make an appearance. They really terrorise the local house sparrows who nest in gaps in the brickwork. We know when a Kestrel is about as the sparrows go nuts, screaming a warning to their flock.

This Kestrel decided to sit on a small pipe to watch for his next victim. They basically wait until a sparrow goes into one of the holes, then flies to the hole, hanging on with one leg and fishing around in the cavity with the other leg – it’s hideous to watch but successful for the Kestrel on most occasions.

We also have a bird feeding area and a water bath for the hundreds of birds we get in the garden – mostly normal run-of-the-mill sparrows and house buntings, but occasionally we get a rarer bird – today we had a Stonechat appear.

I have never seen one before, and certainly never had the chance to get a picture of one, so we were blessed.

Also, we have lots of Cactii in our little garden and they often surprise us with a random flower, which the insects love too.