Mouse control

Had a call yesterday morning from a very distressed and worried lady who was sitting watching telly when a rat ran across the room in front of her!

With cases like this we like to get their straight away, but unfortunately she had to go to work and could not be there.  So we advised that she shut all the doors etc until she could be there with us.

When I arrived, the lady had just got home so I went into the living room to look for signs of this “rat”. Having moved a few things, it was pretty obvious that this was a mouse and not a rat, but there was no sign of it (as expected really), so I deployed several spring traps and a glue board (a fairly effective device which is a large board covered in very sticky glue).

I am not a huge fan of these glue boards but they have their uses and this was one of them. The mouse traps were baited with peanut butter and the glue board with chocolate buttons and left, to re-visit the following evening.

My morning rabbit control session was interrupted  a call at 06:30 this morning from the client saying the “rat” was on the glue board, so I called round to sort the problem straight away. No surprises there was a mouse stuck fast!

Customer happy, mouse gone, home for breakfast!

If you see a rat or mouse or even think you have a rat in the kitchen too, call Rapid Pest Control for a survey now.