I am always amazed at how quickly thinks happen in Morocco. Last time I was here in October, some work was just starting on the main road from Agadir to Aourir – a 10pm stretch of almost dual carriage way, but the main road north to Essaourira, so pretty busy.

Now, the whole 10Km has been re-surfaced, a new central reservation has been put in and planted with flowers, and each side on the road now has palm trees planted at every 10mt, which will be amazing in a few years.

Also, driving into Agadir this morning, a new roundabout has appeared in one of the more challenging junctions, appearing as thought it has always been there.

The main beach front has also been completely transformed, with the promenade now completed and new restaurants have been opened up along the sea front.

I took a detour around an area I have not been for while and there are new shops, apartments and a health complex just being completed.