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Things to Do

In a place like Morocco, there are just so many things you can do and get involved in.

Our life here is very active, the weather is amazing and most of the things we wanted to do in the UK can now be done anytime of the year, not just restricted by weather and seasons.

One thing we have both taken up is surfing. With so many opportunities for great surfing, who would not? But dont think thats all that can be done. There are a full range of all types of activities from hiking to fishing, painting to playing instruments and for the more thrill seeking there is quad biking and horse riding – the world is your oyster.

The main thing is to pick your activities based on the time you have and enjoy them to the full. Here are a bunch of activities we do regularly and we are adding to the list all the time.

If you do something not on this list, especially if you can recommend a supplier or activity, please let us know and we will explore and add accordingly.

Just click on the links and it will take you to the activity.

Other things to do

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