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Fishing in Morocco

With over 2500km of Atlantic Coastline, Morocco attracts all types of fish and anglers to try and catch them. Agadir is the largest harbor and is known for its sardines – the staple diet of most game fish found in the Atlantic.

Deep Sea Game Fishing
Surprisingly, this is a relatively new sport in the region with a limited number of operators. This makes it ideal for the sport fishing enthusiast to get the trip of a lifetime. The operators offer everything from coastal trolling to shark, tuna, and billfish. Large catches and record fish are quite common regardless of the operators and the technique. Generally, the equipment used is very high quality and capable of handling the biggest of fish. Catch and release is the preferred method used by most operators.

Beach Casting and Rock Fishing
This is a perfect pass time and a great introduction to fishing on the Moroccan coastline. Tackle is available in Agadir or some of the local villages and Markets – a reasonable outfit can be bought for about £40 or of course bring your own gear. Fishing the surf can be very exciting as the bites come fast and furious, usually ending in a fish. Most fish range from ½ kilo up to 4 or 5kg. The locals are always full of advice and you will always attract a few children. Bait is available everywhere, usually small fish, shellfish, or small worms.

Inland Fishing

This is a bit more complex and I am still trying to get all the details on this, however, there are some operators close to Marrakesh offering carp fishing as well as big mouth bass and trout fishing too. Everything is catch and release and licenses are available to operators, but a private license is difficult to get hold of. Reservoirs are generally stocked with bass and trout but water levels are so low at the moment getting to fish is difficult.

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