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Quad Biking in Morocco

There are lots of places offering quad biking experiences, but here are 2 we have selected – one in Essaouira and one locally in Aourir.

The first is in the pretty fishing village of Essaouira:  the Quad Biking adventure takes place mainly in the sand dunes and beach. If you’ve never done any Quad Biking before, or even if you have, take note of the safety briefing and the practice session – riding in the sand is totally different to mud and quad bikes can be pretty dangerous as they can easily turn over on top of you.

To get to Essaouira from Agadir, you will need to leave Aourir at 8h00 and you will arrive around 11h00 for around a 3-hour ride, after which you can take a look around Essaouira and do your shopping and sightseeing.

Approx Price: 550 dh / person for about 3 hours or more but check with local guides

The second trip is in Aourir itself: it starts on the beach to get used to the bikes. After that, you will go on a path into the mountains and you will come across small Berber villages and beautiful scenery – a wonderful way to explore the local area.

Approx Price: 550 dh / person for about 2 hours or more but check with local guides

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