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Desert Trip in Morocco

Why not go on a trip into the Sahara and Atlas Foothills visiting forgotten villages, ruins and amazing oasis, ending up in the Sahara Desert.
You can arrange this magical desert trip with local guides who will make this trip very informative and exciting for you.

This is highly recommended for anybody who has never experienced the Moroccan countryside or the vast emptiness of the Sahara Desert. You can make this trip a combination of luxury and spirit of adventure, visiting places of interest and culture and meeting people who have lived in this unchanged way for hundreds or even thousands of years. A trip not to miss.

Here is an example of a schedule for a typical trip:
Day 1
From Agadir to Skoura, a trip of 380km on normal roads. Depart from Agadir traveling towards Taroudant to our first stop at the Berber Village of Bennadou. After a break, travel to Ouarzazate where there are some film studios to see. Then a final push to the Hamed Kasbah nestled in a magnificent palm tree-lined oasis.
Day 2
Skoura to Maahmid, a trip of 200km on road and 50 km off-road. After a leisurely traditional breakfast beneath the palm trees, drive off-road along the Oued Draa river bed eventually driving into the foothills through traditional Berber villages, stopping along the way, eventually arriving at Maahmid, the very edge of the desert.
Day 3
Maahmid to Chegaga, a trip of 90km off-road. On arrival at Chegaga, its time to rest and recover, relax by the swimming pool, visit the old village or take quads into the desert. After a pick-nick under the palm trees, spend a night under canvas in tents.
Day 4
Chegaga to Taffraoutte, a trip of 290km on normal roads. After a short off-road trip, you pick up the mountain roads which lead to Taffraoutte, a fabulous geological site that you can explore. Check into the Hotel Les Amandriers for a luxury night’s stay.
Day 5
Taffraoutte to Agadir, a trip of 210km on normal road. You are faced with a choice for the return leg;
Either a trip via the magnificent gorges of Manssour then via Biougra back into Agadir
Return via Tiznit and travel off-road along the coast via the Massa Nature Reserve, then back into Agadir.

This trip is ideal for groups of 4 or 8, a 4×4 per 4 people, and is designed to be a trip at your pace, taking in all the sights and experience of traveling in the desert and mountain routes. You will meet incredible people and see amazing sights along the way, all with an expert guide who will make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

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