After a pretty wet and cool period, things are starting to settle down again in Agadir. Today, the forecast is clear skys and 25 degrees and 3 km/hour breeze from the South West, lows are 13 degrees tonight.

Agadir normally has a minimum of 300 days of sunshine per year, making it ideal to grab some winter sun. This winter has been a little strange with the heaviest rain seen for 30 years in the region.

A recent guest who was staying at Villa Ramalah over Christmas sent us some pictures of the aftermath of the flash flooding that occurred in Aourir – pretty spectacular stuff, even if a little scary when you are in this situation. He reported Palm trees floating down the main river in the village and tons of rocks and rubble being swept off the surrounding hills, blocking roads in some cases.

The great thing was that after 2 days, the sun came out and they had great weather and a fantastic holiday – just a bit more adventure really!

As we always say, Africa is a wild country – with Morocco it’s always a constant surprise.

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Here are a few pictures from one of our guests showing the floods and the clear up after:

Small normally dry river in full flood in Aourir

Thankfully the new road bridge survived

Debris deposited on the beach from the floods

The Clear up begins - wood for everybody

Getting back to normal - sun and blue sky