We have been flat out sorting out a customers “Jungle” over the last few days.

I first saw this job back in December. The customer’s family wanted to give their mum a large lawn area where a veg patch once stood. It’s been pretty neglected over the years and had grown into the “before” picture you see above.

After a few hours digging out the biggest dandelion and thistles I think I have ever come across, we rotovated and leveled the area in preparation to turf. As with all surfaces, preparation is the key to getting a great lawn and unfortunately this takes time to get it right. I think the results are obvious when its done properly

I have started using a new turf provider who is proving to be most reliable – he actually turns up when I want him rather than waiting around or simply just dumping the turf and running. I am using Rolawn turf as I have tried many different types over the years and Rolawn is about the best you can get – a little pricey in comparison with the “meadow turf” providers, but a whole lot better.

What you get is a uniform turf, fully fertilised and weed free with a rich soil backing, making the new lawn take more quickly and giving it a head start.

My advice to customers is pay a little more and get a better job – you only want to do this job once. It’s like painting your windows – a horrid task but you use the best paint not stuff you got cheap down the market!

We also did another turf job as well this week. We cleared this unused area of old shrubs a few weeks ago and the customer decided to rotovate the area himself – not a problem for us. He did a pretty good job, but paid a hefty price for doing it himself – he put his back out and spent hours (and many £’s) getting it fixed at the osteopath ……also it screwed up his golf swing for days too!