Regular readers will remember the recent hedge laying project we completed back in February. Well this week I was back in the village on another job so I popped round to this house to see how things had progressed since then.

I was really glad to see that everything was shooting and flowering as expected and even the hazel I planted in the bare patches was growing, making this a really thick and substantial hedge.

Also, as I sat quietly watching, several birds were busy making nests in the new thick parts – one of which was a Yellow Hammer, a beautiful Yellow headed sparrow-sized bird  which has become quite rare over the years.

Again, this is one advantage of doing hedge laying, you create a perfect habitat for nesting birds, offering them protection from predictors like Sparrow Hawks and nest raiders like Magpies.

I will be back again later in the year to tuck and trim the tall growth so the hedge is maintained and thickened.

So if you have a hedge and want to see if it is suitable for Hedge Laying, contact us now for a survey and advice.

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