Urban Foxes

Just got back from hols yesterday and saw a headline which didn’t really surprise me, but still a shock for the family involved.

Country foxes have been attacking small lambs for hundreds of years, so inevitably the urban fox is just behaving naturally on vulnerable prey it finds too. I was doing some fox control the other week for a client who breeds prize sheep and as lambing starts, the foxes move in to take what they can. Before he called me to come and sort the problem, he had 15 lambs killed and dragged off in 3 days. Unfortunately, nobody really believes this happens and that farmers make it up to justify fox hunting. Let me be very clear – It happens!

Foxes are creatures of habit and so always stick to routines – once it has been successful, it will always come back. Always the same time each day, even if the area has been disturbed. This is there downfall, so sitting quietly in cover an hour or so before it is due will secure the desired result.

I hope this now makes the cuddly fox fans sit up and take note – little “Charlie” isn’t so cuddly after all – he is a cold blooded killer and fox control must be in place to deal with the numbers.

Around Reading and Newbury town centres, foxes are seen at night all over the place and we have shot foxes that have been caught and “relocated” to the country by god knows who, but they have been spayed and neutered before release and most are covered in mange – how cruel! The poor old urban fox don’t stand a chance outside the towns – catch and euthanise  but don’t bring your garbage out into the countryside please!

Lets see if this changes a few minds when the Fox Hunting vote comes to Parliament.

Anyway, nuff said, rant over. I wish the kids a swift recovery and hope the council catch the culprit and destroy it.

I’m off foxing tonight.