With the Wasp nest season in full swing now, and the kids being on school holidays, you really should be sorting out any wasp nests you have – they will be very obvious now with lots of activity – and putting some precautions like wasp traps up to avoid wasps being a nuisance around areas the kids play or where you are eating.

I am sure you have all seen the jam jar traps – as kids we used to make them and stick them all around the garden. They do work to some extent, but they are by no means as effective as a professionally designed wasp trap.

This week we were called in to deal with a large wasp problem at a local family entertainment attraction where there were lots of wasps causing havoc. This attraction offers lots of activities and of course food and drinks for all. Several customer’s children had been stung, so we sprang into action to deal with the problem straight away.

Firstly, we located 3 nests very quickly. These were pretty big ones and with the danger to the public fully in mind, we used a very powerful aerosol wasp killer, with very strong knock-down and killing properties to render the nests harmless as quickly as possible. Normally we only use this chemical in old people’s homes or in schools, but this situation called for it.

We also deployed some large commercial wasp traps called WaspBane Traps. These have been designed to last a whole season, but usually you only deploy them when the wasps start to look for carbohydrates rather than protein food they need to feed the queen to assist in egg production. As this year has been a bit early, time is now right to do this now.

Commercial Wasp Trap

These traps have a specially formulated attractant which is irresistible to wasps, especially when mixed with lager and honey too! As the fluid warms up, the aroma can be smelt by humans a good few feet away, so to wasps its like the M4 drawing them in!

We returned the next day to check our placement of traps and also to look for more wasp nests further afield. This means walking the banks and hedgerows, and looking in all the buildings. We also follow wasp activity until we find the source – a time consuming but essential activity if you want to rid the area of wasp nests. This proved highly successful and we found a further 5 nests, all dealt with after the public had gone home so removing any potential danger to them.

Rapid Pest Control not only sell commercial WaspBane wasp trap units, we also sell smaller domestic wasp traps and various attractants which you can buy off us online or just call to purchase on Newbury 01635 247192. These are essential for every garden so you can eat in peace and not have wasps buzzing around you and the family.

Domestic Dome Trap

Call Rapid Pest Control now for wasp traps and advice on using wasp traps and finding wasps nests. We always recommend wasp nests are destroyed by professionals only – the health risks are just not worth it to do it yourself. Call Newbury 01635 247192 now for wasp traps.