This is really rare bit of video footage of a bedbug problem on and recent bedbug control job in Thatcham, Berkshire.

When we started to clear the bedroom, this female was found on the mattress cover. She was totally oblivious of us, and just concentrated on tending her brood. Little did she know of her fate and that of her evil eggs!

The dark balls are faeces – this is basically made up of dried blood. When you see these marks, they have already fed on you. The normal course of events is, feed, shed skin, lay eggs and so on – hence bedbug infestations soon take over.

This video was taken with a digital microscope – the actual size of a bedbug is about 3mm long and the eggs are generally transparent – making them very difficult to spot. We use CSI type forensic equipment to examine beds, looking for the smallest of blood spots – you can see them inside the egg if you look really closely.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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