Yesterday I went with the lovely (but slightly crazy) Lucy Austin of Morocco Animal Aid to The Foyer run by Association Le coeur sur la patte – Agadir. The reason for our visit was to collect two of the beach dogs we took to be neutered a week or so ago.

Basically, The Foyer is a dog rescue centre which offers dogs that have been injured or just picked up a place to go for re-homing. They also offer a recuperation service for dogs that have had operations (especially ones that have been through the neutering process). The centre is just on the outskirts of Agadir near the Stade Agadir and is ideally situated really.

The centre is run by Hassan who also doubles up as the tranquiliser operator for dogs that cannot be caught easily and may bite if cornered – the centre does not euthanize any dog that is treatable but looks for suitable homes for the dogs they take in.

On arrival, we met Hassan who was in the middle of catching up some dogs ready for taking back to the beach after neutering. The yard was full of dogs – probably about 60 or so who were all very pleased to see visitors – we were soon swamped with dogs eager to say hello. From small puppies to older dogs, there seemed to be a complete range of sizes and ages, but the most interesting thing was that they were all in together and not fighting or being aggressive.

As always, I could have taken a dozen home with me but you have to just be practical about these things. Neither of us were in a rush, so Lucy volunteered to clean up some dog poo whilst I had a good look round and paid as much attention as I could to all the dogs around me. Interestingly, the brown dog we call Mama saw me and came over to make a fuss – dogs just don’t forget you and she is such a nice well tempered dog who just loves a lot of fuss.

We collected the dog crate and soon we had Mama and Bella in the crate ready to return to Banana beach and their home. After the short drive we arrived back at the beach and drove to Mama’s favourite spot, lifted out the crate and opened the door to release her – no worse for ware but now thankfully neutered. The other beach dogs soon ran up to greet her and off she went, happy to be home.

Later that afternoon, I looked out of the window and Mama and Bella were sat outside our house so I took a bit of food and water out to them, she was very pleased to see me again. I managed to get a few pictures of them now safely back home.

Without places like the Foyer and the dedication of the staff and volunteers of Morocco Animal Aid, these animals would have a very uncertain future. All these projects are funded by donations and work on a shoestring budget, so any support no matter how small is so gratefully appreciated.  Donations can be made to MAA here 

One other really amazing thing that happened yesterday. I was stopped whilst walking Millie the other day by a group of ladies on holiday at Villa Mandala, the Surf Maroc beach camp on Banana Beach, They all wanted to make a fuss and have pictures with her (she is such a poser) and I told them about all the work being done by MAA and The Foyer and they said they wanted to make a donation, so yesterday they stopped me again and gave me a donation.

It was their last day and they made a collection from the other guests – how awesome is that! Lucy was over the moon by their generosity and this can now fund a few more dogs to be neutered on Banana Beach – plans are now being made for Sisi next week. People are so kind and we are all very grateful for this – see how you can help too here

Check out the gallery below for pictures of the day.