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Hiking and Walking in Morocco

There are lots of opportunities for Walking and Hiking in Morocco. From coastal walks to mountain hikes for all abilities, you can be sure of unspoilt scenery all around Morocco.

There are many companies who can offer Walking and Hiking trips and guided tours to suit all abilities and energy levels, including mountain hikes to over 4000 meters in the High Atlas range. If you are like me, I prefer to go it alone and often walk into the mountains or along the coastal paths, following goat trails and small tracks, just drinking in the solitude.

There are so many small villages and ruins to explore in the mountains so walking and hiking is the best way to explore. Everybody you do meet will be sure to give you a warm friendly welcome – many people offer tea and a place to rest – this is just Moroccan hospitality so accept it.

It is always best to be prepared for a long walk or hike, especially if you are on your own. Take plenty of fluids, some energy foods and snacks, sunscreen and a hat are essential as is a camera. I generally carry a smartphone with a GPS app and my Garmin GPS too. We have a few suggestions in our product section below which we use all the time.

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