Today I spent the day at Bicton College near Exeter. Why I hear you ask?

As well as doing the normal garden maintenance, I also get involved in dealing with garden pests. I control everything from Deer, foxes and rabbits to rats, mice, moles and of course insects.

I attended a wasp control refresher course arranged by a supplier of mine lead by the British Pest Control Association.

Wasps are a total pain – sometimes quite literally. Nothing is more annoying than having wasps buzzing around you when sat outside. Some people are also allergic to the stings, including my wife Karen I might add who has a very nasty reaction to them – anaphalactic shock – and requires immediate medical attention.

I have always been fascinated by Wasps as they build incredible nests and fiercely guard their queen. There are 3 types of wasps:
  1. English Wasp
  2. German Wasp – easily recognised by the towels they carry to reserve prime sites!
  3. Hornet

Both the German Wasp and the Hornet are on the increase in the UK.
They are all dealt with in a similar way, but all have differing degrees of aggressiveness towards potential attacker – especially with insecticides. I have dealt with many nests over the years and have suffered quite a few stings – but Hornets still scare me witless.

Only last week, the wife and I were sat watching a film and I heard a scratching noise from the fire place. I got a torch and looked in – only to have a huge Hornet look right back at me. These things have bad attitude and I give no quarter to them – so a handy block of firewood dealt the killer blow.

Another time, we had one fly into the kitchen and literally dive bombed us – I had to hit it with a squash racket in mid flight to sort it – not nice!

Anyway, the good thing is we are at hand to deal with all your wasp and creepy crawlies – we are just a call away!