Earlier this week when the sun was actually shining, I was sat having a spot of lunch with the wife when a very persistent and annoying wasp decided to join us. As a wasp control professional, I am always fascinated at what food attracts wasps and what they prefer ( a bit sad I know), but Karen is ready to swat it without a thought (she is very allergic to wasp venom).

I grabbed the camera and got a few shots of this wasp as I thought they might be interesting to share.

Firstly, full respect to any wildlife photographer – the target does not want to ever sit still and can get a little angry – similar to kids I suspect – but with such small subjects, it is doubly difficult to get a good shot.

Now I have a pretty good camera – I love photography and spend lots of time with Adam Hillier of Adam Hillier Photography learning all sorts of tips and tricks – but even with my set up it was very difficult – guess I need a Macro lens now as well (birthday present hint for the wife!).

What was fascinating was the wasp ignored the sweet sauces,  the bread and the butter and focused all its attention to the small piece of chicken. It set about devouring this with a real passion, eventually biting a large piece off the main bit of chicken and trying to fly off with it!

At this time of the year, the Queen is looking to get lots of protein based foods as she is in full egg production, rather than the sweet carbohydrates that you would normally associate with wasps. As the season moves on and the queen dies, the workers will change to sweet sugary starchy foods. This is when most children get stung.

Anyway, if you do get problems with wasps and you cant see a nest, there are other products we can provide like wasp traps which can be very effective in keeping foraging wasps away from your eating areas – contact us now to buy some. If you have a wasp nest, you really should be getting this treated before the season changes, so call us on Newbury 01635 247192 and arrange a wasp nest treatment now

Here is a few pictures of wasps feeding: