This year, November has seen a rash of calls for wasp problems. Our unusually mild weather has allowed nests to still continue to thrive as we have had no real frosts to kill off the nests.

Most people never go into the loft, except to get or store Christmas decorations, so as soon as they open the loft up, wasps appear. These wasps are still capable of delivering a nasty sting or too – they are confused and usually quite aggressive as the nest is in total decay now and they really should all be dead, so are defending whats left to the end.

One problem is that they have probably crawled into bags and boxes looking for food and to the unsuspecting house owner are now a danger to the kids.

This week we have attended several wasp nest removal jobs where the nest is highly active. Loft spaces seem to be much warmer than normal. One nest we removed was actually built in and under thick insulation, which proved quite a handful as the wasps attacked without mercy.

So before you get the Christmas decorations out of the loft, check that there are no wasps buzzing about – just switch a light on or leave the hatch open for 5 minutes to see if there is any activity. If so, call Rapid Pest Control now so we can deal with it for you.

Also, when unboxing the decorations, go slowly and carefully, looking for any signs of wasps, especially before the kids start helping you with it.