Over the last week or so, we have been to a few calls where so called “Pest Controllers” have been to treat wasp nests and have failed to destroy them. When they are called up to come and sort the job out properly, they try to charge again….or don’t bother to go back.

These “fly by night” cowboys often appear at this time of the year and target the vulnerable, then disappear as quickly as they came. Some use thrown together websites, some use adverts in the paper and some even do door to door – looking for wasps in a street and knocking on the door if one is seen. They are unqualified, use unsuitable chemicals and charge ridiculous fees – but are very convincing and forceful in getting the job – always wanting payment in cash of course!

So how do you avoid being caught by the cowboys for a wasp nest treatment? We here is a few simple checks:

  • Are you calling a mobile or land line number?
  • Do they have a website?
  • Is there an address on the website – is it local so you can Google the address
  • Are they providing more than just wasp treatments (a real giveaway if they are professionals)
  • Are there customer testimonials on the site – are they real?
  • How were you handled on the phone – were they abrupt or helpful
  • Ask how they will do the treatment – ask what they will do and use
  • How did you find them – were they recommended?
  • Is the vehicle sign written
  • What does the operator look like – does he wear company shirts etc and are his actions deemed professional?
  • Does he have proper equipment and protection?
  • Is the work guaranteed

At Rapid Pest Control, we believe in providing top quality service at a sensible price. Wasps nests are a standard charge, fixed price job and are fully guaranteed.

As a member of the Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence” scheme, you can be sure you will get the service you deserve at an acceptable price and be treated with respect. We are CRB checked and our business practices have been audited by the Trading Standards for your peace of mind.

So for a wasp nest treatment with confidence, call Rapid Pest Control now for a fast efficient and happy experience.

If you do get a bad experience, contact the local Trading Standards Office in Newbury or the local police immediately. Take the vehicle reg nos and any other information so they can act – lets put these dangerous parasites out of business.