For those regular followers, you may recall that this time last year we took on a rescue dog from the Labrador Rescue people in Wales. What a sorry and pathetic thing she was – didn’t have any sort of life but living in a cage – it was pitiful.

when you take on a challenge like this, you do expect to get some real problems, and the poor old dog is all screwed up, but with patience and love you can change this into something very special. OK we have had our problems and god knows she has tested me to the ends of my patience – and of Karen’s whose dog it is – but today was the last day of the season and so I just wanted to have ¬†great day out with Grace and Jasmine, enjoying the sun and maybe getting a shot or two at a few pheasants. Unfortunately, Karen could not come today.

If you take a look back at the old pictures and compare them now to today – just look at the alert and happy dog you see in this picture – covered in mud, but just loving it.

Shooting is not just about guns, its about working your dogs and being out there enjoying life – Grace certainly had a great day today and so did I!

Great Fun, great company and now a few beers to end the day!