This week has been a disaster.

Our first job this week was to do a garden clearance in Beedon near Newbury. When we arrived the poor house owner was trying to clear up the 2 foot of water which flooded off the field and into their house. Despite this, she still wanted us to do the hedges and borders that we had agreed to do a few weeks earlier for the party they had planned for this Saturday – nothing damps the spirit really!

The next few days were a washout, Tuesday we couldn’t do anything so I helped the local horse farmer Cliff Percy of Snelsmore Sheltand Ponies collect some hay from Swindon – hay is in very short supply and nothing will be made much this year. As we left Swindon, Cliff noticed there was oil on the back of the car. I couldn’t see where it was coming from so we limped home.

Wednesday morning I went to Lancaster Landrover in Thatcham, where I was presented with a bill for £850 for the repairs to an oil seal from the 4WD transfer box. Luckily no other damage found. We did manage to cut one lawn before the heavens opened.

Thursday was rained off once more – my machines have never been so serviced and cleaned!

Friday was good – we managed to cram in about 10 jobs from last week and caught up on a few from this week – I even did my own grass before it got too dark! We did manage a curry with Adam and Emma and Neale and Sam – the ciders did flow as we all had terrible weeks – Adam had his car written off due to flood damage.

Today, I am going fishing – I could work but enough now – time for some relaxation. We haved no kids this weekend so me and the wife Karen will go into town and check out a few bars -maybe go to the Corn Exchange and probably end up in the Madagascan Gin Palace for a meal – get the table ready Richard!!

Next week has to be better – the forecast is for a heatwave over August – I cant wait!!