When we travel, the first thing I do is grab a piece of paper and sketch out a mind map on what needs to be packed and done.

If you do not know what mindmaps are, then check out this site from Tony Buzan, the creator of mindmapping. The featured image above is one of my Mindmaps used to plan and improve the Dog Pound in Agadir as an example.

Basically, the brain works in pictures, colurs and tree structures, rather than lists. Most people “make a list” and run out of ideas after about 10 items, but with a mind map, things just pop out and you soon cover a whole page in ideas.

I have used mindmaps to move buildings in various companies I have worked in, planned our wedding, designed websites, planned product launches and many other things too numerous to mention. Interestingly, they are starting to teach kids this technque in schools now and my kids also use them.

Anyhow, I have attached one of my mindmaps for a recent adventure trip to Morocco, so please download it and use it for you next trip

DOWNLOAD HERE .. What to Take On Holiday Mind Map

This Mind Map was written in Mindmanager (.mmap) and if you want it in this form, please contact me via this blog.

I suggest you start with a piece of paper and get used to it, then progress to some freeware for Mindmaps (just google it and download for free).

Have a play, if you want to know more, then contact me via comments