Shed Bases

The best way to get rid of rats it to make it impossible for them to live in your garden!

Like us, rats need a few essential things to make your property its home; shelter, food and opportunity.

We get lots of calls from people saying they have rats and they can’t understand where they are coming from. Once we do a survey, they are pretty shocked at what we have found. Most people don’t see what we see and coming into a garden with “fresh” eyes highlights the issues immediate.

First thing we see is the bird table. This normally has bread, grain and left overs all over it and on the floor under it. Whilst feeding the birds is a great idea, feeding the local rat population has not been considered.

The next thing is usually that pile of garden rubbish or old boxes and junk which you never get round to taking up the tip. Showing the client the rat runs under and over this pile normally means that the car is soon loaded up and the rubbish taken to the dump!

Then there is the old shed. Everybody has them (I have 6 sheds and Mrs C goes mad at me about this! You can never have too many sheds….its a guy thing). Generally we find that the old shed has not been put on a concrete base and it has a false floor which allows big gaps under it…guess what that’s a perfect place for rats to make babies!

One of our recent clients was very typical of this pattern, the bird table overflowing, the rubbish in the corner and the old wonky shed, which was meant to have been taken down months ago but they have been so busy and then the baby came along…blah blah.

They commissioned us to do the whole clear-up, clear the rubbish, remove the old shed and lay a nice new concrete base for a brand new shed which they supplied, but we erected. All in a days work for Rapid Pest Control!

Now, with the food source gone, habitat gone – guess what? So have the rats!

If you have an old shed and want it removed, and a new shed base to be laid, call Rapid Pest Control now for a very competitive price. We can also supply new sheds too, even hand make them on site to suit your exact requirements.