Mole Problem

I had a call earlier this week from a lady in London who is moving to the area but wanted to deal with a few pest problems whilst the house is pretty much empty and before they moved in. The main issue was cluster flies – there were hundreds making their way into the house via the loft, but whilst I was there to deal with a few mole hills on the lawn.

I turned up at the allotted time and the current owner let me in to do the cluster flies – no problems and quite a normal treatment was successfully carried out. I also noticed some mouse activity and placed baits to poison them as well whilst on this visit.

Then I went into the back garden to deal with the moles….!!

The few mole hills as seen just a week before was now turned into a ploughed field – rarely have I seen such an infestation in just a few days! The moles had simply gone bad. The ground was perfect for digging and worm activity was quite extensive – hence the moles filling their boots on natures bounty.

What was to be a routine visit, now turned into a major offensive. When doing horse paddocks and the like, you generally use quite a bit of gas, but I don’t think I have ever needed to use so much gas on a domestic garden before.

Mole Removal

With such a problem, follow up visits are inevitable and so they have now been scheduled. Thankfully the client was totally supportive and commented that living in the country will be so different to living in central London….how true!

Mole Trapping

The moral to the story is simple – if you see just a few moles hills, contact us straight away – this will save not only your lawn, but money too in pest control costs and lawn repairs – it was unfortunate that this client was not on site otherwise I am sure this would never have happened.