Hi Readers,

I have had a few technical problems with my new PC which has prevented me from blogging for a while so sincere apologies – the fault has now been rectified so its time to try and catch up!

What a few weeks its been! In the next few postings I will run over the major highlights (and low spots too!) for your information and entertainment.

Biggest highlight was undoubtedly our trip to Las Vegas. Back in June Karen (the wife) of Irun Solutions Newbury and I attended an evening run by Brad Sugars – a self made Billionaire and founder of Action Business Coach, the largest and most successful franchise of its type. We went with the intention of picking up a few ideas for our businesses and our private life too and using them to improve – we never expected to be booking up to go to Las Vegas!

I have avoided America like the plague for many years – I once worked for a very large American corporation who couldn’t make me go either and I gave away a trip to New York a few years ago such was my desire to avoid going – so to be persuaded to go by this larger than life Aussie proves how compelling and convincing he was.

Nigel and Diane Morgan of Morgan PR also signed up to go too – which also added to the overall value we expected to get from this trip. It just so happened that my birthday fell on the dates of this trip so we booked a helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon as well.

Grand Canyon Trip

I had never been in a helicopter before so really didn’t know what to expect. After a safety briefing, we headed off to meet our pilot and board the helicopter. I had not realised they were so basic – it looked like it had done a flight or two and seemed to be held together with baler twine and wire….I was a little nervous to say the least especially when it was started up and shook like crazy!

The pilot was a bit too laid back from my liking and continually made wise cracks for the hour long flight as well as playing his MP3 player containing Country and Western etc rounded off with the Wagner tune from Apocalypse Now – the one they used for the helicopter attack scene on the beach before surfing……you must have seen it!

Anyway, nothing can prepare you for the views of the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon – simply stunning! My pictures don’t really capture it but its a “must see”.

We also landed at a private ranch, had lunch and did some horse riding before flying back to Vegas – unfortunately the lunch didn’t agree with me and 10 mins before we landed I filled the “comfort bag” much to the dismay of my fellow passengers!!

Later that evening, we met up with the Morgans to go off to New York New York casino where we found the famous “Dueling Pianos” bar. What a great idea! These guys simply got the crowd to pay them money to play a song from an era or genre and then get somebody else to bid up to get the other one to play something else – a real fun evening! Could it work in the UK? I think so!

Nigel managed to stitch me up by telling them it was my birthday – very entertaining for everybody else but not so for me …. I have a long memory Nigel so watch out mate!

We also went for a steak – actually it was more like a cow – all washed down with loads of booze etc – a perfect birthday night out.

Anyway, the Brad Sugars seminar was very intensive and packed full of ideas to improve not only your business but your life, health and wealth – 3 days later we were completely exhausted but very please we went. We have made some simple changes already which have made massive differences to our businesses and our lives – these things only work if you implement them – we still have lots to do but small steps and all that.

As for Las Vegas – it sucks! Everything is plastic and designed to remove as much cash from you as possible – the food was awful, the service was second rate and despite being in one of the top hotels in Vegas nothing worked……God bless America!

I could have easily stayed out in the Nevada Desert and spent the week on the Ranch – now that’s my idea of a trip!