Agadir is the premier seaside resort in Morocco with 10km of unspoilt white beaches and 300 days of sunshine every year, Agadir really does have everything you need for a day at the beach. It’s also the chief sea port of Morocco on the western side and as such the city is famous for its fishing industry and the huge variety of fish for sale.

A day trip to Agadir is well worth while as there are plenty of things to see, and if you love shopping a visit to the Suk of Agadir (Souk) is a must-do activity as it is the largest souk outside of Marrakesh. There are around 21 entrances into the souk, so its as well to remember the entrance number you came in from. The Souk is a buzz of activity and can be very noisy, expect there to be lots of bartering amid the humour and do be prepared to haggle – it is expected and you could well bag a bargain. If you really are not interested, then it’s best to politely say so rather than be quiet as this is often mistaken as rudeness. Traditional ceramics and pottery, jewellery and leather goods will all be on display and do have a wander round the food sections – the sights and smells are something you’ll remember!

Agadir is also known for the Valley of the Birds, this stretch of parkland draws plenty of birds throughout the year who wander about in the wilderness of the park. A few aviaries, a zoo, a cascading waterfall and a big playground is what makes the place ideal for a family picnic.

The Kasbah in Agadir was unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake in the 1960’s but it still has an incredible view of the bay and the port (which is constantly buzzing) and makes an excellent visit at sundown. The trip can be taken by local Taxi, or on foot, but it worth the visit which ever way your choose. The scenery is amazing from the top.

The main street in Agadir boasts many restaurants where you can have excellent food and watch the world go by at your leisure and for the more lively visitor there are nightclubs and bars that can entertain you.

The beachfront has been recently renovated and reflects its cosmopolitan attitude and approach with large promenades and restaurants.

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