Essaouira has got to be one of the prettiest fishing ports in Morocco and definitely a place to see. It is totally captivating with its tranquillity, white and blue painted buildings and the welcome cool sea breeze.

Although a fair distance from Aourir (160Km), it is a sight to see at the end of the morning when all of the fishermen return to the port with their pots filled with Sardines or Lobster. If you are a lover of fish then grant yourself the ultimate experience and have the fish served to you on the Port – you won’t taste better.

From the Port take a wander across the Kasbah, which has magnificent views across the Atlantic until you find your self in the main centre of Essaouira. Here you will find streets full of shops filled with Moroccan delights, from the soft leather goods through to Jewellery and pottery.

In Essaouira, you will have a delightful shopping experience where you will not get hassled into the shops and you can look around and purchase at leisure. In the Moulay El Hassan square, you can enjoy the numerous and lively café terraces and restaurants.

At the start of the summer, Essaouira hosts music with its Gnaoua and World Music Festival. The festival is rich in emotion and musical encounters.

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