Approximately 45km East from Aourir, Immouzer is a must-do day trip in your holiday itinerary. Have a leisurely breakfast and leave Aourir at about 10:30 am on the road to Immouzzer. As you climb the mountainous pass you will be amazed (and possibly a little scared) at the views that you will see and then you will stumble into the Paradise Valley.

The valley has a complete variety of fertile landscapes from palm trees through to almond, Olive and Argan trees. Take a while to stop and explore the Paradise Valley have a walkthrough and enjoy the different aspects you will see.

The journey to Immouzer will easily take you about 1.5 hours as you will have to drive slowly most of the way. When you reach Immouzzer we can recommend that you take lunch at the Hotel Du Cascade where you can have a 3-course lunch on the terrace and enjoy the spectacular scenery. The area is famed for its Honey so for those with a sweet tooth try the Chicken and Honey dish, it is a house speciality.

After lunch, you can drive another 4km to the Tinkert wadi waterfalls. Once parked (you’ll have to pay a very small fee) a guide will take you to the top of the waterfall (if you want it is a good climb) so that you can enjoy the views. The tour will also take you through the typical Berber village of Ida Outanane so that you can explore village life. It really is something to experience. Once you have tipped the guide (we paid 50Dhms for the 2 of us which seemed to be acceptable) you can then get back to your car and enjoy the trip home.

This is truly an unspoiled destination but one that you really must see. The Waterfall does dry up in the summer, so the best time is from November to April to see it in its full glory.

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