Here is a short video of just one of the Quad Biking adventure trips you can do in and around Aourir, Agadir, Morocco.

On our last quad biking trip out, we took Courtney, our daughter, and her friend Rebecca, so to give the kids a taste of a different city and some excitement, we drove to Essaouira, the pretty fishing town about 160Km North of Agadir for a Quad biking adventure.

Courtney had done a bit of quad biking, but Rebecca hadn’t. It actually doesn’t matter if you have or not as Bashir, the owner of the Quad adventure company, give full training to allow you to cope with some of the conditions we would face in the sand dunes later on that morning.

First things first, make sure you get plenty of sunscreen, long trousers and shirts on as you literally will fry out on the sand – also take loads of water as well. The wind and sun just parch you, and you don’t notice it until you stop!

So off we went, down onto the beach to just get used to everything, then off into the sand dunes. These can create some difficult obstacles with pretty severe drops and hills, but if you practiced on the beach dunes you would be fine. Then we moved inland a bit to get a feel of  the cliffs and dirt roads all over this part of the country – as the sand moves, the villages have to move as well or be buried.

Bashir told us of a very nice restaurant right on the beach in a village so we made our way down to it – what a surprise! We were made very welcome and the food was fabulous and not expensive at all. They also run a small animal hospital at this place so has a menagerie of different waif and strays from a dog born with not front legs to a sea gull!

After our excellent meal, we made our way back to Essaouira via many tracks and even some major roads (the kids handled everything pretty well considering!) before thanking Bashir and departing for the town.

After a few hours wandering around this pretty little town and exploring the old fort, we jumped back in tha car for the 3 hour drive back to Agadir.

So when you are in Agadir or Marrakesh, make sure you take time out to visit Essaouira – its well worth the trip and if you do some quad biking as well you have adventure and scenery all in one!