Greetings readers,

The last two weeks have been almost non-stop due to adverse weather and especially high winds. I have been inundated with requests for fence replacements, tree clearances and the like, so the Blog has been somewhat neglectedapologies but only so much time available in a day.

I thought I would share a story today of something which I have touched on in the past, however this really brought it home to me.

I was in my regular garden machinery supplier last week sorting out my very overworked chainsaw when this chap came in. I was not in a great hurry, so I let him get served first. This guy was in his late 30’s, very well spoken and obviously had a bit of money behind him. The sales guy pounced on him to see if he could help relieve him of some cash.

As it happens, the chap had a small wood which had been hit hard with the wind so wanted to know about chainsaws. As I ear wigged the conversation, the sales guy lead him to the display and started to go through the range with him. Insanity/shopping frenzy kicked in as he pointed to the largest pro saw on the shelf and said “That’s the one”.

I use chainsaws a lot and I don’t have anything like this thing – nor does any of the tree surgeons I know either!

The sales guy obviously thought Xmas had returned and flogged him this monster without mercy (or discount either!) and this chap soon became the proud owner of this most impressive beast.

As the sales guy ran through the “safety features” of the saw, it turned out this guy had NEVER used a chainsaw in his life!

As he staggered out of the shop, loaded up with files, oil, gauges etc, I gave him a card and told him to ring me if he wanted a few hours training……I haven’t heard from him yet so he is probably dead by now.

I grabbed the sales guy after and quizzed him on corporate responsibility and why he had sold this beast – apparently there is nothing to stop anybody over 18 buying any chainsaw (except a top handle pro saw). There is also no requirement to advise them of safety clothing (the sales guy missed an opportunity here and realised it too at this point!).

You cant blame the sales guy, he is just doing his job and fulfilled his obligation and responsibility in showing the saws safety features – but I think its time for a change in law. These tools are lethal and should simply not be sold to the public unless they are trained in its use – regardless of the size or type of saw.

I would be interested in any feedback on this one.