Yoga in Morocco

Yoga is very popular in Morocco with many yoga teachers and yoga camps throughout the country.

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced yogi, there will be a class for you. In the Agadir region, there are many camps where you can book for a few lessons or you can go to a yoga camp for a full-on experience.

Most yoga shalas have rooftop terraces so you can truly experience the sunrise or sunset, or some will meet on the beach to get a feel for nature. Meditation is a key part of yoga so being completely immersed in your surroundings and with the sun on your face and the waves crashing on the beach you will soon be totally relaxed and refreshed.

Yoga is very good for your flexibility and core strength, assisting in keeping you fit and strong especially for sports like surfing.

Classes are kept small and intimate so you get the most out of the sessions, 8 – 10 people as a limit in most camps – some with smaller numbers so choose your teacher and classes with smaller numbers to get the very most from them.

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