One thing you must do when you come to morocco, that’s explore.

It’s all too easy to stay in the villa, hotel, on the beach or just go to the same places all the time, but you are missing out on a whole load of experiences and sights of true morocco.

On my trip this time, I met up with Marek and Michal of Hollycow surf camps. I have been emailing Marek for about a year now and he rents the villa as a base for his tours and surfing safaris as he prefers Aourir as a base rather than Taghazout which has become too much for the surf tourist.

Marek was due to arrive from Marrakech in the early evening, but some mechanical problems meant he did not arrive until about 3am, hence we did not chat much! However the next day we caught up on loads of things, but one thing we had chatted about before was favorite places to suggest to our clients staying at the villa. Without hesitation, Marek said that we must go to Tifnit, a small un-spoilt fishing village only 50km south of Agadir.

So after a hearty breakfast, off we went. Now it turns out I have driven past this turning many times, but always on the way to somewhere else. Anyway, on this occasion, we drove the 10km from the main N1 to Tan Tan down to Tifnit. As we drove over the crest of the mountain, I was met with an amazing view of this small fishing village. Whilst there was some tourist activity (more like locals really), the rest of the village was very un-spoilt, particularly on the other side of the village away from any car park.

Marek seemed to know everybody as we made our way through the village to a small restaurant right on the beach. It was truly un-spoilt and the welcome was very warm indeed. The owner known as Bob spoke good English which surprised me for such a small village, normally it is just French or Arabic.

We soon attracted quite a crowd, the village Mayor arrived, then a really nice guy, who turned out to be a language lecturer and had spent many years in New York University teaching Arabic and English. Nothing can happen in the village without the Major’s consent so he is a really good guy to keep on your side.

A party soon broke out, as did a bottle of whiskey, and lunch was prepared for us to enjoy, octopus tagine, followed by  spider crab … We never managed the small shark which wagoing to be prepared for us – a local delicacy – as lunch was massive.

All too soon it was time for us to go, but we spent quite a few hours in pleasant conversation, in the midst of some amazing scenery and met some new people and contacts which we would never have discovered.

Incidentally, Ridley Scott is a regular visitor to this area and has made several films in this part of morocco. He always stays in the village when he comes.

Enjoy a few photos and go and visit. They are very welcoming and need the trade so go. Go with Marek at Hollycom or go on your own with Holidays Morocco – either way just go!